T.F. South
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Illinois Female Athlete of the Year

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  • T.F. South's Ashtyn Kapovich
  • 6/27/2014
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  • Photos by John Smierciak


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  • Something about a seven-on-seven passing tournament just doesn't look right when Mount Carmel is taking part. So it wasn't surprising when Caravan coach Frank Lenti had a chance to go against his old defensive coordinator, Bob Padjen of T.F. South, Lenti called something more familiar to Mount Carmel. "I told his brother (T.F. South coach Tom Padjen) that since he's got eight guys in coverage, we're going to run the ball," Lenti said. The Caravan did run the ball to the amusement of spectators and coaches, and the bewilderment of some players. Mount Carmel junior Anthony Thompson, a left-hander, took care of the first team quarterbacking duties for the Caravan at the Richards Passing Tournament on Saturday. Thompson looked sharp and threw a hard, tight spiral all morning. Against Richards in the second round, Thompson threw a deep hitch and go down the left side of the field to connect with the Caravan receiver in the end zone for a 40-yard touchdown. "He's got to quicken his feet up and quicken his release up," Lenti said of Thompson. "The big thing is he's got to get back to throwing the ball on time, but we don't do a whole lot of this. This is the only one-day passing league thing we do all summer." More often than not, many of the defenses featured eight men on the field and forced better reads and passes by the quarterbacks. "I was trying to work on timing today," Thompson said. "Running the option, a lot of teams stack the box against us. It's real important that when we get those passing chances, we capitalize on those opportunities." T.F. South's Jerome Barker intercepted Thompson in the Rebels' round against the Caravan. Barker also had two deflected passes against Mount Carmel. "We've only had three days of camp," Rebels head coach Tom Padjen said. "So for a lot of our young guys, and we're young, it's baptism under fire. There's some tremendous programs here, so it gives our guys a good sense of where we're at, and where we need to be." T.F. South senior quarterback Cody Petrich said he felt great after being banged up in 2013, and that he has greatly benefited from his experience under center. "It's a lot clearer now and easier to see defenses and coverages," Petrich said. "It's good to see these guys out here ready to learn. I'm definitely ready for the season ahead."
  • 6/21/2014
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Illiana Christian vs. T.F. South softball

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  • 4/24/2014
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  • TINLEY PARK | It was evident from the start that T.F. South was a more focused team Wednesday night against Tinley Park than it had been Monday at Rich East. The Rebels shot better, were quicker defensively, and played an all- around sharper game against the Titans, especially in the first three quarters. Only a late rally by the hosts made the final score of 72-68 appear like it was a tight game.
  • 2/5/2014
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  • LANSING | Times No. 4 T.F. South won two of four quarters Thursday against Rich Central, and a third came up even. However, four quarters make a game, and, more specifically, the second quarter made this one. Rich Central outscored the Rebels 21-8 in the second quarter and held on for a 52-48 win.
  • 1/30/2014
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  • CALUMET CITY | After a win early this season over another of the top teams in the metropolitan area, Bogan's LuWane Pipkins declared himself "the best guard in the city." After Pipkins went off for a school-record 40 points Sunday in a 76-50 win over T.F. South in the Coaches Against Cancer Basketball Tournament at T.F. North, Bengals coach Arthur Goodwin expanded the geography slightly, and disagreed.
  • 1/12/2014
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T.F. South at Lincoln-Way North football

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  • T.F. South at Lincoln-Way North playoff football
  • 11/1/2013
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  • TINLEY PARK | It was the worst possible ending, and the best possible message. After T.F. South trailed, 23-18, in the third set of its Andrew Regional final, and 24-21, and at 24-23 when Crystal Lee slammed home her 13th kill of the night following a heart-stopping dig by Cori Reynolds, after a timeout as a reeling Sandburg tried to gather itself, Justine Flores stepped to the line to serve for the tie. And floated the ball wide. "I was just trying to get it in," she said later. "It hit the wrong part of my hand." The Sandburg half of the crowd erupted over the 25-22, 17-25, 25-23 win that sent them to their own Class 4A sectional for a 7 p.m. Tuesday semifinal opposite Marist. The T.F. South half groaned. Flores collapsed to the floor. Her teammates ran to her, and picked her up. "That meant a lot," she said. "It said it wasn't my fault. It said we are a team we win as a team, and we lose as a team." Twenty-six times in 31 outings this season, the Rebels won. Against the Eagles (30-7), they won more points 70-67 but Sandburg eked out a win in the opening set and, after nearly getting blocked out of the gym in Set 2, another in the closer to advance. Seven different Rebels had kills on the night. Briana Lilly, Lee, Leah Lagestee and Jenna Pasko put up tremendous blocks. Ashtyn Kapovich, Reynolds and Flores, senior defensive stalwarts, anchored a back row that cleaned up what blocks didn't swat down.
  • 10/31/2013
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Lemont at T.F. South football

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  • Lemont at T.F. South football.
  • 10/25/2013
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  • Photos by Jonathan Miano

T.F. North at South football

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  • T.F. South's 14-13 win over T.F. North for the Mushroom/Wooden Shoe Trophy.
  • 10/18/2013
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  • Photos by Jonathan Miano
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